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This page    is currently under construction.  We appreciate your patience, and have rewarded you with some anonymous vintage construction
3-D images. Enjoy! 

Some remarkable person took these images documenting what it took to make our world wonderful. I was lucky to find them, and you're fortunate enough to be able to enjoy them half a century or so later. Be grateful to the people who work hard every day all around us to make our lives as good as they are. Say thank you more often, be kind, be gracious, be appreciative whenever you can. Those roads, lights, curbs, stop signs, freeways and sewer systems didn't happen magically. Many people did a lot of engineering, laboring and sweating to make them happen. They're still doing all of that, and much more, today, so keep shooting, keep documenting life around you. These images are powerful. Even in 2D.
Men at work 15.jpg
Men at work 12.jpg
Men at work 17.jpg
Men at work 14.jpg
Men at work 13.jpg
Men at work 16.jpg
Men at work 8.jpg
Men at work 9.jpg
Men at work 11.jpg
Men at work 10.jpg
Men at work 7.jpg
Men at work 4.jpg
Men at work 2.jpg
Men at work 3.jpg
Men at work 1.jpg
Men at work 6.jpg
Men at work 5.jpg

These represent some of the women and men who built our country.

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