1935 Herbert C McKay smiling 2-Colorized

Herbert C. McKay

Apr 8 1895 - Jan 3, 1971
76 years old

Pioneer in teaching, writing, and inventing in cinematography

and 3D photography

1929 Leica camera by HC McKay.jpg
McKay with Carl Zeiss microscope.jpg

   Herbert C. McKay         F.R.P.S.  F.P.S.A.

Ranked among the leaders of photography from the late 1920's through the 1960's Herbert C. McKay was an inventor, teacher, author, columnist, technical expert and scientist. He brought to his chosen field (3D photography) a penetrating analytical mind and a scientific approach. 

In 1924 McKay authored the first book on amateur 16mm cinematography.  He was the first person in this country to conduct a radio program on photography. (WEAF in 1928)

As a columnist (American Photography, U.S. Camera, and many others), he wrote one of the longest-appearing photographic columns in the country.  He was one of the first to introduce 35mm photography into the United States, writing the first American published booklet on Leica Photography.  As one of the organizers of he Stereo Guild in 1949 he continued to provide leadership and expert guidance to 3D photographers world wide.

An avid microscopist and researcher, he contributed to several scientific journals and made some of the earliest photomicrographic movies.


He moved from New York City to Eustis, Florida in the mid 1940's and continued to write until his death in 1971.

      -- by grandson Maurice Greeson

1935 Herbert C McKay with 35mm Contax ca
1935 Herbert C McKay with 35mm Contax camera - colorized
1936 Herbert C McKay with Mikut
3 color camera -Colorized
1963 Herbert C McKay portrait-Colorized.
1954 Herbert C McKay portrait-colorized
1954 Herbert C. McKay with
Speed Graphic - colorized
HC McKay with early camera 1_colorSAI_re
HC McKay with early camera -colorized
Herbert C McKay 1 bw-Colorized-Enhanced.
HC McKay with early camera -colorized
Herbert C McKay at WHN-Colorized.jpg
Herbert C McKay at WHN - colorized
1952_08_22 Tampa Tribune HC McKay receiv
1952_08_22 Tampa Tribune HC McKay receives 1st stereo award from PSA
1952_12_05 Orlando Evening Star-McKay br
1952_12_05 Orlando Evening Star-McKay brings Florida Photo Salon
1963 Herbert C McKay -Colorized.jpg
1963 Herbert C McKay - colorized
1953 June H.C. McKay column in U.S. Camera magazine
Complete course of Photography by H.C. M
The Cine Camera book by HC McKay.jpg
HERBERT-C-MCKAY-how-to-develop-film-at h
The Voice of the Films by HC McKay book.
More assorted books by
Herbert C. McKay 
1960 Herbert C McKay in Florida-Colorize
1960 Herbert C McKay - colorized
n 1949 McKay started producing the Stereo Guild Third Dimension booklets and around that time he also produced Stereoscopic Motion Pictures No. 33. Here are PDF copies of the ones we have: (just click on the pdf symbol
to open it up) 
1949 Jan No 1 Stereo Guild Third Dimensi
1949 Third Dimension No. 1 Stereo Guild
1949  Feb No 2 Stereo Guild Third Dimens
1949 Third Dimension No. 2 Stereo Guild
1949 Jan No 1 Stereo Guild Third Dimensi
1949 Third Dimension No. 3 Stereo Guild
Third Dimension No. 33 Stereoscopic Motion Pictures
1950 Letter to Herbert C McKay
from Harold Lloyd
candid_photography_by HC McKay 1-Coloriz
McKay 3rd Dimension Stereoscopic Motion
Portrait of Herbert Couchman McKay 1950s by anonymous
Underwater woman with View-Master camera
Underwater woman with View-Master camera
by Herbert C McKay
Gutless View-Master Personal camera used underwater
in above image by Herbert C. McKay
Wikiwachee characters by H.C. McKay.jpg
Weeki Wachee characters in Florida by Herbert C. McKay
Russ Allen's Reptile Institute by H.C. M
Russ Allen's Reptile Institute by Herbert C. McKay​
Wikiwachee by H.C. McKay.jpg
Weeki Wachee by H.C. McKay
1954 Zebra Boca Raton, FL Africa USA by
1954 Zebra Boca Raton, FL Africa USA by Herbert C McKay 
B M Bass Underwater by HC McKay FPSA.jpg
B.M. Bass Underwater by HC McKay FPSA
1939 Movie Making for the Beginner book
1941 Tradtional Photo Better Negatives a
1948 book by McKay.jpg
1928 Herbert C McKay filming -talkie- wi
1928 Herbert C McKay filming a "talkie" with 16mm camera - Colorized 
Laing, Alexander. Sailing book of Ships
Practical Applications of Photography by
1937 At the Zoo inside page by HC McKay.
1937 At the Zoo pictures by Captn R Chey
1952 Oct -The Realist News- Herbert C Mc
Principles of Stereoscopy book.jpg
download 2nd edition.png
Three Dimensional Photography revised ed
"3-Dimensional Photography: Principles of Stereoscopy" by H.C. McKay (and a few other 3-D books), are available online at the following link:
Herbert C McKays daughters Patricia Marg
Herbert C McKay's daughters Patricia, Margaret and Betty with coachwhip snake - colorized
(31 works in 73 publications in 1 language and 736 library holdings)

Motion Picture Photography for the Amateur, 1924

Professional Cinematography, 1924

Photo-Era Reference Book of Photography and                Cinematography, 1926

Photographic Technology, 1927

Handbook of Motion Picture Photography, 1927

Amateur Movie Making, 1927

Photography with The Leica Camera,  c.1928

The Cine Camera, 1930

The Voice of the Films, 1930

Cine Titling and Editing, 1932

Movie Making for the Beginner, 1939 & 1948

Better Negatives, 1941 (Pamphlet)

The Photographic Negative, 1942 (Four Volume Set)

Principles of Stereoscopy,  Three Dimensional Photography, 1948  (1st edition)

Three Dimensional Photography, 1951  (2nd edition)

Three Dimensional Photography, 1953, American Photography Book Dept. New York, N.Y. (3rd Ed.)

1940_07_27 Letter from Herbert C. McKay, F.R.P.S. to Minox Inc
1953_07_19 Company Brass image about 3-D
1953_07_19 Florida Magazine article on up-coming 3-D film 
1953_07_19 Production Staff of Empire Fi
1953_07_19 Salute to Success with HC MKa
1953_07_19 The Villain gets a Hand - Emp
1953_07_19 Technical difficulties announ
1953_07_19 Technical difficulties announcement from Empire Films
View-Master Personal Stereo Camera Sawye
1952 January US Camera magazine - View-Master Personal Stereo Camera Sawyer Information article by H C McKay - Colorized 
Pat McKay @1937 using a Taxiphote, next
Pat McKay, Herbert's daughter,  ca. 1937 using a Taxiphote, next to a tabletop German Stereospekt  from ICA Dresden, with a French medium format viewer, a Mattey 45x107 mm format viewer, a DeVry and a Novelview filmstrip viewers - Colorized
Images from "Three Dimensional Photography" book
by H.C. McKay - colorized
1980 Maurice Greeson at WPCA by David St
1980 Maurice Greeson, grandson of Herbert C McKay at Western Photographic Collection Assn. camera show by David Starkman
1929-1953 Herbert C McKay Curriculum Vitae
Herbert McKay with the 3-D camera set up
Herbert McKay with the 3-D movie camera set up he made
for Empire Studios - colorized
1952 US Camera McKay Revere 33 - P1.jpg
1952 US Camera McKay Revere 33 - P2.jpg
1952 US Camera McKay Revere 33 - P3.jpg
1952 US Camera magazine, H.C. McKay Revere 33 review 
1970 December - McKay Historical Notes
About Stereo Organizations by Earl E Krause FPSA 
1957_04_26 McKay - Letter from India P.1
1957_04_26 McKay - Letter from India P.2
1957_04_26 McKay - Letter from His highness the Maharajadhiraj of Patiala in India 
1952 Herbert C McKay taken at home in Eu
1952 Herbert C McKay taken at home in Eustis
holding the View-Master Personal Stereo Camera - colorized
Candid Photography with High-Power Telephoto Photography in Mechanics and Handicraft magazine by HC McKay - Colorized