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parallel and cross eyed 1983 ISU Buxton
Battle for a Three Dimensional World.jpg
1982 Battle for a Three Dimensional World, written by Ray Zone, converted to 3-D by Tony Alderson, designed by legandary Jack Kirby, King of the Comics, with  Lay-outs and Editor-in-chief Susan Pinsky
With deepest thanks for proofreading, tips and additions to:
Martin Schub:  
Official 3-DLegends proofreader, 

Ron Labbe,
Lawrence Kaufman, Maurice Greeson, Keita Wangari,
Pascal Martiné
Eric Kurland

David Starkman 
Restoring a Stereo Realist by Stan White
Stan White Stereo Realist in retrospecti

Welcome to 3-D Legends!

Our goal is to 

share information, history, and images for posterity. 

  • Why are some images unforgettable?

  • Why do some stereo legacies make such an impact on our current world of stereo photography?

  • A wise person once said tradition takes a long time to establish, but a momentary decision to end.

Stereo culture, heritage, tradition and foundation have been established by many inspired, creative, inventive people whose names we remember, but we know little about them.

Whilst they are no longer with us,  is a place where we want to remember them. Some of us have been lucky enough to have met these people, others are just names from the past. Together we will share a bit of the 3-D contributions they left us. 

10 Seton Rochwite admiriing his new came

Seton Rochwite designed the Stereo Realist Camera, the red button Realist viewer, the Kindar and Contura stereo cameras and more. Ray Zone was a prolific writer, historian, 3-D comic book creator and important leader in the field. Seeing his accomplishments is inspiring and impressive. He influenced many lives to follow. Each person included in 3-D Legends left their mark in various dimensional ways. 

Sunset Blvd director Billy Wilder and st
L-R-L example and description.jpg


My goal is not to accomplish the creation of this website by myself.


If you find some errors, please let me know. I'm not perfect, just human.


If you have any information or images, flat or 3-D, that you're willing to share (with photo credit, of course) please email me.


If you have some ideas or suggestions for other 3-D Legends to add, please contact me. I'll do my best to try to keep up, there's still a long way to go.


My email address is:

I deeply appreciate your input.

                                 - Susan Pinsky


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